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Service Guide | Select Slab Hood Motor Replacement

If your Select Slab Hood's motor develops a fault or is damaged outside of the warranty period and needs to be replaced, this guide will help your fitter carry out the replacement.

Step 1

  • Ensure that the appliance is switched off and unplugged from the mains.
  • Remove the grease filters from the bottom of the hood.
  • Remove the entire hood from the wall.

Step 2

  • Place the hood on it's back so that you can easily access the top and bottom of the hood.
  • Disconnect the motor from the power supply as shown.

Step 3

  • Remove all of the screws holding the motor in place at the top of the hood.
  • With these removed the motor will become free and can be removed through the bottom of the hood where the grease filters were located.

Step 4

  • With the motor removed, install a new one by following the instructions above in reverse.
  • During installation, ensure that no objects fall in to the motor as this could cause damage when it is turned on.