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ServiceĀ Guide | Select Oven Light Replacement

At some time during the life of your cooker, the oven light bulbs are likely to need changing. These are very easy to install yourself and do not require and special expertise or experience. Before starting any work, ensure that the cooker has been switched off at the mains switch.

Step 1

  • Ensure that the appliance is switched off at the mains fuse and is cool.
  • Remove all of the oven furniture and shelves .
  • Twist the protective glass surround anti-clockwise to release it. Be careful not to drop the glass surround.

Step 2

  • You can now unscrew the bulb and remove it.
  • Replace the blown bulb with one that matches the same specifications that are printed on the bulb itself / or written in your user guide. Depending on the year of your cooker, the bulb required may vary.
  • Follow the instructions in reverse to instal the new bulb, being careful not to touch the new bulb with your fingers.