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Bigblue Design Herritage

Design Heritage

Bigblue is a group of product designers working in the design and manufacture of cookers and cookware. Over the years we have helped a number of famous brands to develop some of the most successful products on the market.

This time we are doing it for ourselves. With a generation of experience and a host of award-winning designs to our name, Bigblue are set to make their mark. The objects we make are distinctive and different - architectual lines and bold angular forms set the range apart.

Truth of Materials
Bigblue products are often manufactured from materials in their, or close to their purest form, using traditional and cutting edge industrial techniques. At Bigblue we pride ourselves on the quality of the materials we use and would be mad not to display these in their most beautiful and natural form.



Purity of Form
Pure and simple design, passionately applied to appliances and cookware.

Bigblue strongy believe that the success of a product is largely governed by its simplicity and purity. This method of thinking is evident across our entire range of products each being simplified to make the users experience as effortless as possible.

Design & Engineering
Bigblue have applied themselves to defining a range of cooking appliances and cookware with core values of quality and value firmly leading the way.

As a team of product designers & engineers with a solid background as appliance specialists, you can rest assured that every aspect of your Bigblue product has been thoroughly considered and engineered to ensure only the best quality.