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Bigblue 1200

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Uncompromising quality, performance and an exceptional finish are the defining characteristics of a Bigblue 1200 hood. With a large motor, the hood is able to extract an impressive 800 cubic meters of air per hour when ducted externally, and for environments where ducting isn't an option, the hood can also be configured to recirculate and filter the air using charcoal filters (Recirculation kit required). When the time calls, the grease filters are also completely removable and are dishwasher proof for ease of cleaning.

Operation of the motor is achieved using electronic push-button controls located at the front of the hood. The hood also features an automatic timer that shuts off the motor after running for 10 minutes and four high powered ultra-bright LED lights that provide excellent illumination of the cooking surface.


General Features
Lights Yes
Additional Features Automatic shut-off timer, Filter cleaning alarm

Maximum Air Capacity (cubic meters/hr) 800
Max Noise Level (Decibels) 61
Extraction Speeds 4 [Including Boost]

Width (mm) 1200
Depth (mm) 550
Height Min (mm) 640
Height Max (mm) 920
Mounting Height (mm) 650 minimum (700 - 750 recommended)
External Extraction Yes, 15cm diameter ducting kit required
Recirculating Yes, charcoal filters required separately