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Wok Burners: How to get more out of them!

Having a wok burner on your range cooker adds a great extra feature to your hob top. Contrary to the name it can be used in everyday cooking, not only for wok cooking - (more on that in a minute!).

The most obvious alternateve use for a wok burner is simply as a high powered burner, our select 100 range cooker for example, features a 3.5kW wok burner, which is great for quickly boiling a big pan of water ready for pasta, or par boiling your Sunday roast veggies!
It also provides the power and coverage you need for wok cooking - a round bottom wok, will give you a better heat distribution, but you will need a wok cradle - to stop it falling over. We prefer carbon steel for our woks as you can get them hotter [Telfon or non-stick woks can burn] and with a little care a carbon wok can become an heirloom.

And finally always remember to use a higher smoke point oil, such as groundnut oil. This means you can get the pan really hot before throwing in the ingredients.