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How does the Alpine 90 compare to other range cookers?

With the new release of our new Alpine 90 range cooker we decided to do a bit of research into some of the key features customers look for when buying a 90cm dual fuel range cooker. Overall the Alpine 90 scored spectacularly well, achieving top results over it's two closest rivals the Stoves Richmond and Rangemaster 90 range cookers. See below:

Other common features on the agenda including the number of oven functions, colours options and burner power ratings were all very closely matched between the three brands.

Wok Burners: How to get more out of them!

Having a wok burner on your range cooker adds a great extra feature to your hob top. Contrary to the name it can be used in everyday cooking, not only for wok cooking - (more on that in a minute!).

The most obvious alternateve use for a wok burner is simply as a high powered burner, our select 100 range cooker for example, features a 3.5kW wok burner, which is great for quickly boiling a big pan of water ready for pasta, or par boiling your Sunday roast veggies!
It also provides the power and coverage you need for wok cooking - a round bottom wok, will give you a better heat distribution, but you will need a wok cradle - to stop it falling over. We prefer carbon steel for our woks as you can get them hotter [Telfon or non-stick woks can burn] and with a little care a carbon wok can become an heirloom.

And finally always remember to use a higher smoke point oil, such as groundnut oil. This means you can get the pan really hot before throwing in the ingredients.

Bigblue Custom Hoods: Now available!

The stunning Bigblue 1100 Custom Colour Hood is available in any colour you desire from the RAL colour chart, not only allowing you to have a completely unique product, but also allowing you to match the hood exactly with appliances from any other manufacturer. Our Ethos range cookers have the custom colour option too, so no need to worry about finding a cooker to match.